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Regard Recovery West Virginia Suboxone clinic

Our Mission

       At Regard Recovery WV, our mission is to bring the highest quality of care to those individuals suffering from Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). We understand not only how difficult it can be to recover from addiction but that the road to recovery may be a long and bumpy one. And we know for sure that to achieve success, this road must be traveled with as much support as possible.

       The treatment of OUD primarily involves the use of Medication-Assisted Treatment, or MAT. This includes the use of medications like Suboxone, Sublocade, and Vivitrol. These medications, when used properly, can eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms and pave the way for patients to regain their lives. Regard Recovery has providers with years of experience using these medications. At Regard, we believe that therapy is also a vital part of the resources required for successful recovery.   

   At Regard you will find compassionate providers and staff who are down-to-earth, patient-oriented, and passionate about the care of our patients. Many of our staff have personal connections to patients suffering from addiction. We understand addiction, it’s causes, and the importance of the provider-patient relationship in helping our patients to succeed at the difficult work of recovery. We are here to support you, and your families. We take the responsibility of helping our patients through their recovery journey very seriously and are both humbled and honored to be the facilitators of your success. Regard is excited to provide services to the residents of Wheeling West Virginia and throughout the rest of the state in the near future! 

Individualized Care

       Care at Regard is tailored to our patients’ needs to help assure the best opportunity for the remission of their substance-use disorder. Patients undergo a detailed clinical interview and physical assessment prior to the start of MAT. Toxicology, or drug testing, is performed at all visits using state-of-the art oral fluid analysis. Visit frequency is determined by the level of needed care as assessed by our providers. 

       Although the standard of care is indefinite treatment with MAT, certain individuals may be candidates for tapering of their medication. This is decided collaboratively between provider and patient, after a prolonged period of sobriety.

       Regard providers can also guide patients through other aspects of healthcare, such as pregnancy and surgery, while they participate in MAT. With consent, we provide coordination of care with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, surgeons, ER physicians, dentists, and therapists when needed.

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment in West Virginia.
Suboxone Treatment in Wheeling West Virginia

A Healthy Community

       We are excited to bring local quality care to the residents of Wheeling, WV area!  We strive to provide top tier outpatient MAT services to aid in the best chance of recovery possible!

       Our providers have extensive experience and training in treating addiction and substance use disorders. By combining knowledge and compassion with the latest proven methods and medications, we will empower our clients to embrace recovery, healing not only our clients, but the community as a whole. We put great effort into educating other professionals in the area, as well as local residents, on all matters related to substance abuse. 

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